• Liquid Egg Products

Liquid egg products are prepared from fresh whole eggs. The eggs are washed, shelled, pasteurised and packed in 10kg bladders inside cartons.

Whole Egg Pulp

Used in bakery applications, pasta, noodles, mayonnaise and salad dressings. Available fresh chilled or frozen.

Usage: Pasta, Noodles, Mayonnaise

Egg White (Plain)

Prepared from egg whites separated from fresh eggs. Used as a binder in food manufacture as well as a whipping aid for bakery applications.

Usage: Bakery Applications, Whipping Aid

Egg White Mix

Prepared from plain egg whites with added whipping aids. Used in bakery applications requiring high whipping functionality such as pavlova and confectionary.

Usage: Baking Applications, Pavlova, Confectionary Applications

Sugared Egg Yolk

Prepared from egg yolks separated from fresh eggs. Used in bakery applications, sweet dough, donuts, mayonnaise and ice cream.

Usage: Sweet Dough, Donuts, Mayonnaise, Ice Cream