• Egg Powders

Our egg powders are made from 100% fresh eggs which are pasteurised and spray dried. Benefits over liquid egg include:

  • Improved functionality
  • Longer shelf life
  • Dry storage
  • Low wastage

We offer caged, barn raised, free-range and organic egg powders.

Whole Egg Powder

Applications include cakes, biscuits, pasta, noodles, mayonnaise and all other applications where liquid whole egg is used.

Usage: Biscuits, Cakes, Pasta, Noodles, Mayonnaise

Egg Yolk Powder

Applications include mayonnaise, salad dressings, hollandaise sauce, ice-cream, cakes, donuts, sweet dough and noodles.

Usage: Mayonnaise, Salad Dressings, Hollandaise Sauce, Ice Cream, Cakes, Donuts, Sweet Dough, Noodles

Egg Albumen Powder - Hi Whip

Applications for this product are attuned to its enhanced whipping functionality and therefore focus on the Pavlova, meringues and confectionary uses. Also used in health foods such as gluten free breads and muffins.

Usage: Cakes, Meringues, Sponges, Desserts, Gluten Free Breads, Muffins

Egg Albumen Powder - Hi Gel

Used for its binding functionality and water retention properties. Applications include pasta, cakes, banana bread, desserts and as a binder in food processing applications.

Usage: Pasta, Cakes, Banana Bread, Desserts

Whole Egg Powder (Inedible)

Used for its nutritional value and binding capabilities in dog and cat food.

Usage: Pet Foods